Artistic Process

For me, art is a tool. Whether it’s for painting, music, dancing or graffiti’s, art serves as a medium of expression for the soul. Through the work of the artist one can feel their inner moods their emotions as well as their life’s journey.
When I paint, I'm in touch with the themes and the subjects that I work with, the colors and tools that I use. They reflect my own emotions. This interiorization allows me to better know myself and to release my spontaneity, which permits the purity of expression.

Having experimented with allot of different mediums, I find that mixed medium offers infinite possibilities and permits me to marry color and texture. They intertwine in a kaleidoscope of color and form.  I like to fill the eyes of the spectators with softness and intensity and open their hearts to my passion and my soul.

Marie-Anne Grandmont,
Awards and Recognition
Prix Platon AIBAQ
1st Platon Price: Mention for the artistic evolution of the artists

Public Choice Awards - 2018
Continent céleste (3rd place) 
Éblouissante  (4th place) 

Un vent de turquoise 1 (4th place)
Relics Beyonde Time (5th place)


Public Choice Awards - 2017

Teinté d'orange 1, 2 et 3 (4th place)
Givré de bleu 1 (5th place) 
Oceanic bleu azure 2 (5th place)


Public Choice Awards - 2016

Stand Up (1st place)
Discontinuous Loop (1st place)
Come Fly with me (2nd place)

Inclinaison (2nd place)

Évasion (3rd place) 
Au-delà du temps (3rd place) 
Connecté (4th place)

Pubic Choice Awards - 2015
Intensité (4th place)
Impression (5th place)
Entre deux mondes (2nd place)
Public Choice Awards - 2014
Au dela de l'horizon (4th place)
Trio Floral (5th place)
Public Choice Awards - 2013
Green Values (2nd place)
Morning Freshness (2nd place)
Purple Scent (2nd place)
Golden Values (4th place)
Creative Forms (4th place)
Simplement votre (5th place)
Water Lillies (5th place)